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Membership Options and Benefits

Reading is fundamental:

B2B Empowerment Merchant Gateway's sole purpose is to bring together businesses that have a need to have a greater purchasing power, and also to put your business into a position that will allow you to complete with other businesses that are connected and/or well established.

Our philosophy is simple. We are stronger together. And no, we did not take these words from the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. These words are a matter-of-fact. We are Stronger Together.

Why become a member?  - One of the benefits in becoming a B2B Gateway member is, instead of you or you and a friend or partner purchasing inventory alone you will be buying with a group of businesses at a higher volume which will cause your base cost to be lower. In other words, instead of you paying $1.00 each for 10, as a group we buy 2000 for $0.18. Or, you buy 6 items for $15.00 each. As a group we buy 300 which will drive that $15.00 down to $5.00.

Invitation Codes:  All members will be issued a unique "invitation code".  Q: What is the "invitation code" for? A: The Invitation Code is used to invite like-minded individuals and/or other businesses to become members. The greater our number the stronger we are.

To learn more about what being a member means click here: The B2B Empowerment Merchant Gateway.



Please read the "Important Notice" below.

At Level 1 members will have access to over 10,000 fashion items and accessories. --> Pending further description.

At Level 2 members will have access to Level 1 plus electronics.  --> Pending further description.

Description Pending

Important Notice:

For enhanced security this site has been built on a two part registration system. After you register you will be able to browse the site at your membership level, however, before making any purchases you will need to go to Your Account and "CREATE ACCOUNT" in order to have full access to your membership. We recommend that you use the same email address and password that you used to register.