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Hello People,

My name is David. I am the founder of B2B Empowerment. The reason that you are receiving this communication is that I am a small business owner who has found out recently that if you are not of the right ethnicity you may not be let in. I will elaborate on that statement later. For now let us get to the business at hand.

Have you ever walked into a business or visited a website that you really want to support, but the prices at the store next door or the other websites prices are at least 30% lower for the exact same item. Or, you are an entrepreneur who sales on eBay, Amazon, your own website, or you may have a brick and mortar location. Okay now, you are at one of these outlets attempting to push your products, however, you are unable to compete with the low prices of the other sellers or the store across the street that is selling the exact same products that you have for sale.

Why is that? How can they afford to sell so low? Why can’t we compete? A better question is: How can we compete?  Let me answer these four basic questions.

1. Why is that? – Because they buy in high volume.
2. How can they afford to sell so low? – Because they buy in high volume they pay less for their inventory.
3. Why can’t we compete? – We as individual small businesses and start-ups don’t buy in a large enough volume to get the deep discounted prices.
4. How can we compete? – The answer to that question is here at B2B Empowerment.

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