Together We Stand

About The Merchant Gateway

Instead of us getting into the history of the Moors or even Moorish Science, let it be known that everything that happens here is for the betterment of communities and its people. We are firm believers in: If a community is thieving the fruit (children) of that community will be healthier in all ways. Healthier Children >< Better World.

Our mission at The B2B Empowerment Merchant Gateway is to make our immediate environment better, and to level the playing field so that any indivaul, or start-up company can enter into the arena with confidence, support of a group, and a better than good chance of success. This is our mission.

What is The B2B Empowerment Merchants Gateway?

If you are reading this more than likely it is because you have met with me directly or a friend of yours has given you some very good information.

The B2B Empowerment Gateway is where we  as small business owners collectively (pool resources) and buy together as a group. No more buying one case of this, one case of that, or six (6) of these and twelve (12) of those at prices that do not afford us the profit margins the we deserve. When we buy like that the prices are too high, which causes us to sell high, loose customers, which cause our  profit margin not to be as great as it can be, which puts us in a position where we cannot compete with the larger operations, or the "other store" down the street. Cause-and-effect.

Please do not misinterpret what is being said here. We have nothing against the "other stores". The "other store owners" are doing exactly what the should be doing. Going to where the money is, getting the money out, in other word, "mining in our communities, and  then going back to their communities. There is absolutely, positively, nothing-what-so-ever wrong with that.

Our goal here at The B2B Empowerment Merchant Gateway is to have small businesses pool together and buy their inventories in volume. No more one case of this, one case of that, or six (6) of these and twelve (12) of those. Those days are coming to an end. To survive as small business owners and compete we must stand together. This is imperative.

Here is an example: The item is $80.00 for one, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 10. That comes to $800.00 MOQ for 10 pieces.  Now as a group we buy 300. The price comes  down to $35.00 per item, and here at The B2B Empowerment Merchant Gateway your MOQ would be 6 (this varies depending on item).

Here is another example: The item is $8.00, the MOQ is 100. That comes to $800.00 if you were buying as an individual. As a group we purchase 500, which will drive the price per item down to $4.50. This is a part of economics which is called "purchasing power".

To date, we have hammered out agreements with companies in the USA, China, Columbia, Brazil, India, and England. Over 95% of the companies that we do business with are the manufacture. The others are trading companies who deal directly with the manufacture on our behalf.

Since this is primarily a business-to-business site the product descriptions will reflect as such. There will not be a retail description unless the manufacture provides one.

And now we build! -

A friend of ours wants to own a beauty supply store. With The B2B Empowerment Gateway in place she can have it, and make a profit.

If you have any questions regarding whats going on here or if you are having trouble understanding the concept feel free to give me a call @ 213-926-5083 and I would be delighted to brake it down for you.